Cake Tasting

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Cake Tasting

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Cake tastings serve 2 people. You receive 6 flavors of cake. Flavors are pre-selected and may vary slightly from week to week. Flavor requests are welcomed and encouraged. Feel free to provide preferences or include your request of "off limit" flavors. If no requests are made, we will send the most popular flavors! If you have preferences, please include them in the "Notes" section at Checkout.

There are hundreds of combinations of cake/filling combos that could be chosen for your wedding, and you're not limited to what is in the tasting.

If you have a special request for something other than what is on our flavor menu, we are happy to try to accommodate you for your wedding cake, but we cannot make tasting samples for special flavor requests that are not on the menu.

Upon booking you will receive an email with the Zoom link for your scheduled meeting, if you request virtual. During this time, we will discuss your vision and finalize our contract for your special day.