Cocktail Collection- Scribes
Mojito-Cocktail Collection-Scribe
Passion Fruit Martini-Cocktail Collection-Scribe
Strawberry Daiquiri-Cocktail Collection-Scribe
Grapefruit Drop-Cocktail Collection-Scribe
Tequila Sunrise-Cocktail Collection-Scribe

Milan EmPower


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Dessert Decorating Scribes can be used to redistribute icing or break air bubbles in icing and fondant.

Each scribe is handmade by Milan EmPower using a high-quality stainless steel scribe needle and FDA-approved silicone beads for aesthetics, comfort and food-contact safety.

Approx. 4.75 inches in total length. NOT dishwasher safe, wipe with a clean towel after use and DO NOT submerge in water.